Site Specific Installations 2010-2015

Site specific installatie 'Enjoying The View' (2015)
Klimtouwen en klimcarabiners
KABK Den Haag
Beeld: Thomas Nondh Jansen

Site specific installation, untitled 
Open day, KABK 2014

Site specific installation 'Way to the summit is downstairs', 2013 
Royal Academy The Hague

"What if I would only allow myself to use a set of basic tools and materials (let say basic climbing gear for instance) that I would apply using in every kind of space I would get my hands on?"

Site specific installation 'Mist', 2013. With Artificial fog and tent.
Royal Academy The Hague
Photo: Marijke Appelmans

Site specific installatie "Landscape or Escape?", 2014.
Meubilair tekenlokaal en rookmachine
KABK, Den Haag 

Site specific installatie "Waterworld", 2015.  Waterlampen and plastic folie.
Greenlight expoitie.
KABK, 2015

Site specific installation, untitled 2013
Polypropylene rope 
Billytown The Hague

Site specific installation, untitled
Artificial light and fog 
Royal Academy, 2013

"To which extent do I have control over a space as an artist?"

"What If I don't create a plan beforehand and just use the materials that are available at the site?"

Site specific installation, untitled / Aluminum.  Group exhibition "Primus Inter Paria"/ BINK36, The Hague 2012

"What if those aluminum pieces would had a mind of its own, how would they react in this specific space?" 

Site specific installation, untiteld / Wool synthetic / Group Exhibition "Primus Inter Paria"/ BiNK36, The Hague 2012

"What if that junk of wool thread wasn't a junk of wool but a bouncing ball - maybe one with a mind of its own - how would it act in that specific space. Which direction/routes/lines would it follow and why? How would it look like if those routes were visible to the human eye? In other words, which visible lines would it create in space?"

Site specific installation, untitled
Mirror, climbing equipment, fresh eggs
Group exhibition 'Space Oddity'/
Ruimtevaart Den Haag, 2011

Photo: Nedo Laanen

Site specific installation "Gravity", 2013
Sports tape
Netherlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam

Site specific installation, untiteld / Big Wall tent / KABK The Hague, 2011

"What if...."

Whether it is about camping outdoors, hiking in mountains, or trying to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Outdoors sports is all about 'adaption' and survival - adapting to circumstances and changes. Adapting to weather changes, adapting to dangerous circumstances, adapting to height (by acclimatization process) and so on. I took this adaption mindset into these installation works. To see how specific materials would adapt to its environment, space and situation.