Friendly Note: Please keep in mind that these photos can not be shared or in anyway altered for commercial purpose - without permission of the artist. Nor can not be displayed or exhibited without the consent of the artist.


The Lonely Planets (2014 - 2016)

A period of 6 years (before attending the Royal Academy of Arts) of intense climbing and hiking in mountains and traveling to desolated landscapes - formed the basis for these photography works. The project started during my final year at KABK and ended somewhat 2 years later. 

Exploring everyday materials as aluminum foil, plastic foil and toy sand - te recreate the landscapes and experiences hidden back in my mind. 

"Atlantic" (2016)

Aluminum foil, artifical fog

'The Death Zone' (2016)

Aluminum foil

'Outer space' (2016)

Aluminum foil, lamp

'Red Sea' (2016)

Aluminum foil, artifical fog

'I walked lonely as a cloud' (2015)

Aluminum foil

'Lonely Planets' (2015)

Aluminum foil, plastic foil, kinetic sand