Visual artist working and living in The Hague (The Netherlands). 


Artist Statement

Abby Meier explores modern everyday objects and tools including technology tools and frontend webdesign technology. She creates photos, videos and installations, where she reflects on themes as nature, human behavior and actual social themes. She uses current scientific knowledge from the biology, neurology and psychology as inspiration source as well as her background knowledge in adventure sports and outdoors.


Current - BsC Psychology/Open University The Netherlands

2017 - WebDesign / College of Multimedia Amsterdam

2015 - BA Fine arts / Royal Academy of Art The Hague


Short Bio

"Born on a volcano in the far East and raised in a suburb in the far West.. Attended high school in the South East of Amsterdam (excelled in biology, geography, art and sports). Hiked and climbed mountains intensively for 6 years before attending
The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Currently studying Psychology and living in the Hague, near the sea."



  • Stroom Den Haag / The Hague Artists 
  • Anonymous artist/ Doing online experiments (on the internet) in collaboration with other artists. We work under cover   



2021 - "The Death Zone" - online showcasing of 3 videos on 'Vimeo Showcase'
2021 - Snapart Online Expo (an online experiment during Covid days) 
2016 - Group show 'New Dutch Photography Talent', Amsterdam

2015 - Parallax Art Fair, London/UK
2015 - Graduation Festival, The Hague
2015 - Water World (Greenlight), The Hague 2015
2014 - Landscape or Escape, The Hague
2014 - Open day KABK, The Hague
2013 - Gravity (Masterclass WIT/Nederlands Fotomuseum), Rotterdam
2012 - Primus Inter Paria (group show / Bink36), The Hague 2012
2011 - Space Oddity (group show), The Hague 2011

2016 - New Dutch Photography Talent Award (edition 2017)
2015 - Nominated for Department Award Fine arts

Chmkoome's blog - Graduation Festival (2015)

2016 - New Dutch Photography Talent (edition 2017) / GUP Magazine
2015 - "There's more to explore in the middle of nowhere"
(About Flow, Adventures and Romanticism. Final thesis)

Contact and inquiries

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