SNAPART is an online visual art experiment.  Showcasing online work in several editions - with the use of (functional) 'web data statistics'. To some extent I can control the traffic to the project. I can view the amount of visitors. As I can view other data regarding to general activity. I'll be most likely using those data to create new work / organize the next Snapart edition. So in a sense every edition will be based on the statistic data of the previous Snapart editions.


Each edition could be announced (via social media) or unannounced. Type of works: short video's / photo's / visual storytelling / text messages / quotes / news articles / taped performances or live.  From this starting point, it could be anything. `Works could be repeatedly showcased, or could be saved or even disappear forever (depending on the data). Will see how the works will evolve and how the project develops.


Do you have any questions, suggestions or would you wish to collaborate? Drop me a line


View passed editions:

- Edition 2
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