"Objects don't 'own' a color. Objects reflect light of a certain wavelength which our brain 'interpret as a certain color. Color is perception. But the purpose of human vision is not merely to detect the presence or absence of light or different wavelengths but to identity meaningful objects and actions."

(Psychology of Vision)

'Adaption' is the key to survival

"The world is rapidly changing.
And so is the art world and its art academies. Massive  things going on on national level. But it is undoubtedly  connected to the changes and circumstances on global scale." 

- AM (The Hague, 2021)

"Art is not exact mathematical science nor is human behavior - such as theories for emotions and perspectives. I guess maybe for some things - or maybe for all of that matter - we'll never know... "
-AM (The Hague, 2021)

"Nerve cells/neurons. Thanks to these we can Feel, Move, Think and Speak. They are our connection between the outside world and our inner world. In every way. Neurons is what makes us beings Human beings"

-AM (The Hague, 2021)